About Us

The Compliance Alliance partners are Michelle Butler and JOH Consultancy LLP (Joanne Harris and Neil Harris).

Between us, we have over 50 years’ experience in insolvency, having worked in insolvency practices large and small, both on the front line and in compliance departments. Our technical acumen has been sharpened also from our years working in the IPA's Regulatory Department (Michelle) and as a JIEB and CPI trainer (Joanne).


Latest Products

Technical Update: July/August 2022
Webinars (June)

AML Update Part 1: What's new from the RPBs?
& Part 2: New legislation and a closer look at DAML requests and financial sanctions

Document Pack Updates

Updates to all case types
and General Documents (May/June)

Q&A: Queries received in June 2022

Our Services

We offer everything you need to make insolvency compliance easier: not just IPS-compatible document packs and checklists, but also detailed training webinars and speedy responses to your queries. We can also carry out Compliance Reviews of your cases on-site.

We work tirelessly to ensure that our documents are updated and ready for use when new legislation and SIPs come into effect.



Joanne Harris provides monthly updates and Michelle Butler produces a regular blog post.

We also have a dedicated blog and Twitter feed.

NEW in 2022 We are running more
bite-sized training sessions for our clients.



As two of the most experienced insolvency professionals in the field, we have built our reputations by offering great service to our clients. Read what they say about us.

On our document packs:
"Your documents are brilliant, they should be mandatory for every IP. They are incredibly useful and great value."


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To get a quick answer to your questions about our services and membership, please email us at info@thecompliancealliance.co.uk
or telephone us.